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Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Providing guidance and representation in the administration of your assets, from a simple will to a complex trust agreement.


Representing your interests in any probate court proceeding with experience and compassion.


Whether family or business related, we can assist with any immigration related matter.

Corporate Law

Protecting your interests and the interests of your business with a comprehensive approach.


From drafting to review and negotiations, let us assist you with any contract-related issue.

Real Estate

When an issue arises between landlord and tenant, we provide guidance before litigation and representation in court.

About Cameo Legal

The United States of America

is a country of immigrants. Most Americans can attribute their citizenship to a family member who decided to leave their home country – and their family – to pursue a better life in the United States. In 1912, Ignace Naryniecki immigrated from Poland to New York City. With the help of his sponsor, a family member from Poland, Ignace decided to start his own business. Seeing opportunity in the bustling city around him, Ignace started a window cleaning company in the early 1920s. He married Mary Naryniecki and raised two children. His daughter, Stella, worked as a stenographer for an attorney in the Bronx in the late 1930s. Stella’s boss mentioned that her father should have an Limited Liability Company set up to protect his personal assets from any work-related liabilities. Grateful for the help, Ignace filed his corporate papers with the State of New York – and Cameo Window Cleaning LLC was born.

Ignace Naryniecki is the great grandfather of Christina DeFeo. Although Christina never got the opportunity to meet him (he passed away one year before she was born), she heard many stories from her grandparents and great Aunt Stella about what a wonderful man he was – hard working, honest, forward-thinking, a man of integrity who always put his family first. Cameo Legal, founded almost 100 years after Cameo Window Cleaning, is a tribute to Ignace, the Naryniecki family, and the pursuit of the American dream.

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